The Final Hurrah: Miti&Marta Style

Dear reader,

The last two years have been a ride. We’ve come a long way. Graduated college, learned, had jobs, cried, laughed, traveled and a whole lot more.

We first started this blog as an effort to keep Miti and Marta best buddies forever, because incidentally, we live on opposite sides of the planet some of the time. Also because it’s not very often that you find someone who shares your love for books, writing, and Casey Neistat in a business school. (True that). What’s more, we LOVE writing. Like, L-O-V-E it, and we decided to challenge ourselves to blog on a mostly daily basis for two years.

Admittedly the road hasn’t been smooth. There have been breaks, misunderstanding, writer’s blocks but I guess it would suffice to say that for me (and us) this was something that kept us grounded. It helped us really think about the things we’ve done and also consider how our life could be worth writing about. And that my friends, is something.

So… what does the end of this adventure tell us? I think this blog stands as a reminder to be thoughtful, to be kind, to be honest. It also serves as a reminder that life is a beautiful thing, if you only let yourself see the bright side. We have loved throwing our thoughts and stories at the Internet. We have loved hearing from some of you guys. We’ve gotten excited about our audience and the growing amount of traffic. That is not to say that we are going to stop writing and this is some kind of a friendship break up. We’ve been toying and been in denial (mostly me, Miti) about ending this exchange. We found it hard to let go because this space has so much history.  

I guess that is the last thing we leave you with, dear reader: do not be afraid to go out into the great beyond. Do the thing you are doing now with heart and passion, and when it is time to move forward, step into the unknown willingly.

The world needs more kind, loving, and passionate people. Most times its hard to be those things but I guess its a choice that we make. Love yourself enough to make these decisions, honor what’s truly you; celebrate yourself. I cannot stress how sometimes I live in a cloudy messed up bubble and mess with myself. THAT’S NOT OKAY! You deserve clear skies and clear minds.  

See you on the net, and farewell,



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