Yogi on the Beach

Yesterday, I turned off my phone, kicked back, and went to the beach with book and a yoga blanket. 

I had the most glorious thirty minutes of my life.

We get really attached to crud, in our daily lives. It’s really easy to do so, and we must constantly re-excavate ourselves so as not to get buried in it forever. And this was all inspired by art.

At school, my writing class finally was assigned it’s first real assignment all semester–making an audio story. My group of three really liked my idea, which was the telling of before, during, and after getting a tattoo, with each one of us telling a different piece of the process with our own stories.

It was amazing, to just be wildly creative. I felt elated for hours! During the class I shared the story of my one and only tattoo, which I got while traveling South America. I was reminded of how inspired and free spirited and relaxed I was during that trip and it just spread to every inch of my body. I was reminded of what it felt like to let go of the crud and just live life. It was absolutely incredible.

Keep digging away at the dirt that might try to bury you. Look inward for inspiration, and not outward in exasperation. Find that peace and carry it with you everywhere you are.

Stay fearless, hopeful, and kind,



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