These words rang throughout my day today: we got it. My SO and I, after months and years and talking about ‘it’, finally got into the Peace Corps. I spent most of the day reading all the materials they’ve sent us to prepare, and sending messages to friends and family about the news.

In 6 months, I will be shipped off to the other side of the world.

It is such an unreal feeling, and my brain is toasted to a crisp, but in a good way. My dad sent me this text after I told him the news:

Here’s the fatherly I told you so moment: you worked hard, built up your resume, did more than just talk about helping people, and stuck through things not everyone finishes.

And here’s the thing… my dad is right. I am the kid who goes for the things others are not willing to do. I walk my talk. If I say I want to do something, I actually go and make it happen. I spent the last 2 years working for this, and it finally became a reality.


I hope this inspires you to do that crazy thing on your list. It’s bound to be in your reach,



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