Women’s March on Washington

Yesterday, I took the metro in DC down to watch the inauguration. Now,I’m no fan of Trump, but my SO and I wanted to see what a presidential inauguration was like… and harboring hope that maybe things weren’t so bad.

Boy, were we proved wrong.

The people around me were motivated by holding power of so-called enemies, and making more money than they need. They held signs saying “Every real Muslim is a Jihadist”. They disrespected everything that me and many others stand for.
But then today happened.

Today gave me more hope than I could’ve imagined possible. I felt powerful, and as if democracy had not passed out of our hands and into the hands of a small elite group. I felt part of a movement, a movement that fights for equality for all.

I was reminded of how much good there is in the world, and how much humans are able to survive. Trump might be president, but he is no ruler. The people hold the power, and we will wield it on behalf of peace and progress.

Today reminded me of what it is like to be kind, fearless, and hopeful. I hope this does the same for you, friend.



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