Week One

The last couple of days I have felt ‘blah’. Just a total sense of monotony and lacking excitement. This happened for a few reasons: 1. I am easily bored. 2. I’m in a new city and know no one. 3. I kept everything in my head rather than writing it down. Silly me.

So this morning, in light of the new year, I wrote down some long term goals that have been in the back of my mind for quite sometime. Here they are:

  • Get (back) on that vegetarian with vegan tendencies life.
  • Be more active in your choices! Decisiveness is a characteristic of strong sense of self.
  • Regular exercise routine. One day my body won’t be quite so able.
  • Zero waste lifestyle!
  • Reduce waste and declutter the closet.
  • Worry less about money. It’s a minuscule piece of a wonderful life.


Go forth and be fearless, kind, and hopeful!



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