Perfect time for reflection

Hey guys! Guess what!? Today is the best day to reflect. Ableit cliched, its one of the most acceptable days to sit back and think about all the things that have happened in your life this year.

I for one think that reflection should be included in your daily life. To take a break from all the chaos that is your life and just think about things you’ve done. But sometimes you need a very solid reason to do that and this is it.

So much has happened for me in the last one year. I’ve climbed over some significant mountains, and have been at a lot of crossroads that I was forced to go through. It has been tumultous at best, but oh so rewarding!

I am off for now, going to watch a movie with my mother dear and then spending the evening exercising and writing everything that happened this year.

See you next year! Thank you for being a part of this journey,

Love and light,



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