Once upon a time, a young Marta read the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. One chapter that is forever imprinted in my memory (cause guys, that series was really good) was one that began with a ramble about the very important differences between the feelings ‘anxious’ and ‘anticipation’. I am an anxious person, which tends to mean dreading future events and what-ifs. But lately, I have been an anticipatory person, which means looking forward to future events and what-ifs. Basically, anxious=uh oh and anticipation=sometimes uh oh, but also possibly something awesome.

I am packing up for a month-long stay in the capital of the USA. I’ll witness a presidential inauguration (a heated one at that), and I’ll be adventuring to every corner of Virginia when I can. I get to explore a new city and new places. And then, I come back to my last full semester of college. And after that I’ll pursue more and more adventures and my outlook has not been so positive and uplifting as it is now in a long while.


A lot of these positive vibes come from years of growing–and oh do I have so much more growing to do. But with a more grateful, less stringent, more kind, less self-pity perspective comes an attitude toward life that at least for me works really well. I am becoming more excited about my daily activities and less worried about crafting unforgettable adventures for the future. I have begun to believe that right now is just as awesome as anything in the future, and that happiness is not something in the past (reminiscence) or the future (anxiousness), but something we can choose to experience right now.

I am loving where I am, and excited for where I am going!



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