Functioning Fear

I’ve lived my life in fear of things for as long as  I can remember. Overthinking is my second nature and it does not help to be that way when I am always so scared. My father keeps pestering me to get out of this zone of mine. It bothers me a lot, but lately I’ve been trying to see his reason.

The thing is I am so engulfed in fear all the time that all the wonderful, amazing things that I’ve achieved until now feel like crossing moutains rather than bridges. Little by little, I’ve reassessing how I make my decisions and live my life.

I really need to get rid of this feeling that is holding me back. Its crazy how much I’ve done but I have so much for to do in this world.

So, this holiday season is all about being gracious and kind to everything that we have in life. But it is also about reflecting about how you would want to move forward beginning now.

What kind of life do you wish to live?

Love and light,



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