Happy Anniversary to Me :)

There is something very special about the connections we build with other souls. Humans are made for that kind of stuff–we like being in touch with our people. It gives us stability and a sense of safety, no matter how rough things might get. Last night, I celebrated two years of loving my significant other. Cue all the warm and fuzzies!

My SO and I are busy people, and especially goal driven; but our favorite goal that we share is building a life together (’cause we are awesome). So, at the end of yesterday, after working all day, I came home to roses everywhere and a ready glass of sangria. We cooked some tasty food and stayed in for the night. I love every moment I can spend with my SO, as he is truly my best friend, accomplice in crime, and adventure buddy.

It’s getting into that holiday season, and while I think we should be loving every moment we get with our loved ones, now is an especially good time to do so. Our friends, our families, the people we love to no end–that is what matters, no matter how busy life gets.



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