Countdown to Home

I don’t know if this is a side effect to growing up, or just that I am thinking more clearly as I grow old. But I finally know the key to making things happen. The answer is pretty simple – just do them. Before Summer 2016, whenever I went home, I went with this expectation that things are going to turn out a certain way. I would expect all these people calling me, coming to meet it, after all I was the one out of country for so many months. Suffice to say, only 20% of things that I expected happened.

This summer when I went home, I made the effort to make things happen. I went out, called, organized, hosted, and other things that led to me spending time with everyone I loved. It was amazing. The 20 days flew by and it was time to leave again.

So, action my friends. Don’t wait around for people to recognize you and give you the love the attention you deserve. Ask for it, make time for it, go for it. Nothing comes out of expectations.

Love and light,



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