Time is so fluid

This is not an existential crisis. Rather a very surreal realization. This time, 2 weeks later, I will be getting ready to go to the airport and go home. One month after that I will come back for my last semester of college. At this moment, my high school graduation feels much closer to me than my college graduation.

Its not that I am terrified of graduating and the open horizon of my future scares the shit out of me. But its about the bittersweet moments of nostalgia that creep in as soon as something ends. I knew that after thanksgiving break time is going to be an abstract concept. The week after thanksgiving flew by and I could see it moving, in the moment.

What I’m saying is, wether you notice it or not. Time is ticking and there is only so much of it left. Just try to be aware and observant in every moment. As long as you do that you know you were alive and alert.

Love and light,



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