Dear School

Dear School,

I have kicked and screamed at you, and praised and glorified you. You’re the reason I have economic opportunity and the very thing that puts thousands of people in debt for decades. You’re the reason communities and countries are lifted out of deep poverty, too. You do a whole bunch, and good and bad, I want to thank you.

It’s my senior year of college, which means that I have finally completed…15 years of school total. 15 years of growing, being and evolving into something new every day and year. Can I believe it has been this long? Uh, yeah. I am very much ready for it to be over. But don’t think for a second that once I am done with you, School, that you won’t hear from me again. I’ll be back, probably trying to learn enough languages to be a true polyglot, or teaching myself how to do my taxes. Even without your cold classrooms and sweaty teachers, I’ll still be learning.

That is something you underestimate about me, School. You think that I think that I am better than you. I want so desperately for you to step out of my life, but you only see the surface; the whole world is waiting. No offense, but while I have you to thank for a lot of what makes me who I am, I have a new teacher: The Real World. And they seem pretty rad. Of course I am excited for what’s next–it is what you have prepared me for my whole life.

But, it has been 15 years. Come on, you gotta let me go! Let me spread my wings and explore. Know that I will always be grateful for you, but that nothing is permanent. There are so many teachers in my future, and while you were the first to watch me grow, you won’t be the last. The Real World sent me an invite, and I’m going to the party. But I won’t forget you. I will always be learning, and I will always carry your lessons at heart.




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