Dear friend,

I do not celebrate thanksgiving, nor do I agree with why this holiday exists but what I do love about this day/week is that the thankfulness is intentional. There is an effort made by friends and family to come together and appreciate each others existence (the food is an added bonus, ofcourse).

So let assume that this blog is a my aunt’s house and I’m here for the amazing mashed potatoes and pies. I am thankful for:

  1. My parents for supporting me and trusting me.
  2. My friends, over the last month I’ve met most of them and it feels so good to be loved, understood and cared for.
  3. My education – it continues to bring wonderful opportunities and quality in my life.
  4. My professors, my mentors, my guiding light.
  5. The English language + words – I despised both these things for too long and now they’re my crutch.
  6. My legs, arms, brain, mind, heart, soul and every other tangible and intangible part of my body without which I could not do half the things I am able to do.
  7. And you. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and are gearing up, full swing, for christmas in 3 weeks!!

Love and light,



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