Take the Leap

I am the listener in most of my conversations, and this extends to my everyday life. I calculate my decisions, financial, academic, or personal. I listen to all the noise and try to make sense of it all. The hot topic as of late is whether I want to keep my job or not.

I am a senior, and so most employers don’t want to hire someone who is leaving soon. I get that. However, I have found myself in a line of employment that has a toxic environment. Is it worth staying here for eight more months, or should I quit with the risk of no other form of income? Is my happiness overall worth trading in for not that much money? Will my part-time business venture be just profitable enough that I can get by without a job?


These are the questions I have been obsessing over. At the end of the day, the only thing holding me back from making the decision I know is right for me is the risk. I was watching this video on YouTube, and while it didn’t sway my fears, it gave me perspective. Like the speakers in the video, I have a lifestyle (and am going into an industry) where routine is much more chaotic. Quitting one gig can be a huge risk, but if that is what feels right in my gut, it is what I need to do.

Some say that happiness and success are two different things. I am too much of a life-loving hippie to believe that. I believe in the union of such things, or rather the balance of everything you do, is a sort of happiness. So, it is just time for me to take the leap. Pursue the dream, because the only thing at risk is a small paycheck. I have been able to travel, attend college, and make a name for myself. Time to throw myself into chasing the dream!


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