The art of repetition

hello everyone,

I think I’ve mentioned it a several times that I love routine. I love going through the motions. I love reading books over and over again. That however gets frustrating because it takes patience to notice the little things that I missed because I wanted to know what happens next. That’s exactly what I love. I am a big picture girl. I love thinking long term, because in that lies the promise of “everything will be alright.”

Over the years, though, I’ve ¬†sometimes missed the little joys.

So this practice of repetition is my way of cultivating joy in little things. It serves two purposes:

1. The work I do now, will accumulate to be something bigger in the future.

2. Being blessed by moments, little things, where I step back and look at what I’m doing. Even if it’s as trivial as answering a call at my desk job. The complete amazement that I’m here, right now, in this moment, alive and well and happy.

So, whatever you do. Strive for the tiny radical moments of realizations.

Love and light,




3 thoughts on “The art of repetition

    1. Hello! Sorry for replying so late, I just saw this. But its mostly the podcasts that I’ve been listening to – Happier with Gretchen Rubin, is one of my favorite habit podcasts. Lots of wisdom and advice, she also has a book!

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      1. Thanks! I’m for than definitely going to check it out. I’ll let you know what I think. I have the memory of an elephant so you’ll hear from me. Enjoy your 2016 and I hope 2017 is the best year you’ve had yet!

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