On taking care of yourself

A lot has been said and done in the past few days. Mostly people have succumbed to the fear and helplessness that was expected in case of such an outcome. As much as I sympathize and empathize with all of you, I think its time to start revaluating your priorities. To do that, you will need to do the following:

  1. Get out of bed and shower. It will make you feel 10x better about your life.
  2. Don’t skip meals!! You absolutely need food, please feed yourself!
  3. Talk to people, discuss, try and reach out to people with similar beliefs as you. Sharing misery halves it.
  4. Seek support – counselling services, friends, family, your loved ones!
  5. Try and help someone with emotional labor, reach out to people who seem to be struggling.
  6. If you have advanced to action mode, try and have a conversation with someone who isn’t on your side. You’ll be surprised to hear their story. Having multiple perspectives never hurts. You do not have to agree with them, but be open.
  7. Try a social media cleanse!! My mortal enemy this week has been facebook. I’m already off instagram and snapchat to focus on work, please get off it for a while. There are so many vile, hateful messages on their. Get rid of that negative bubble.
  8. Write it down, process whats on your mind. Sometimes, the rage is hidden and may not affect you, until its 4 days later and comes out on someone you love or as a nervous break down. Process, don’t supress!

I think these are enough to get you started. Let us know how you’re doing in the comments below. I know times are hard and some of you may not have a safe space to talk about how you really feel. Seek out, we’re always here.

Love and light,



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