Baby Steps

Ever since last night I’ve been on this rampage – I like to call this a “rampage to good life.” During this time of the year, things get pretty overwhelming around here. People finally come to a realization that final projects are real and there is not enough time to procrastinate anymore. One might think that we probably should get used to this but we’re hardcore and we don’t learn from our mistakes.

I told my friends that they need start the work. No matter how big or small or simple or hard it is. The point is – to start.

I’ve seen this with me and so many others. It is difficult to start the damn work! But you do it, one by one. Start small. Thats the best advice I’ve gotten in my life. And as you progress you can build it up, one by one.

So in this season, thats full of exciting rituals and festivals – a time where the anxities are through the roof, try taking baby steps. Start small.


Love and light,



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