The universe

Universe, this word was introduced in my vocabulary 4 years ago. It was this ambiguous, mysterious power that I knew resided out there but I did not really believe in it. Until now.

Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of run ins with this so called power. Some have been really out there and others have been subtle. I once heard my friend tell me, “Your life always comes a full circle. Its pretty, amazing!” And I thought to myself, yes it does. Everything that I’ve ever thought about or wanted has been manifested in some or the other ways.

It took time for me to make friends with the universe. I followed the “fake it till you make it” mantra and thats what led to this discovery. I woke up with a feeling of safety. A belief that I never imagined I had the ability to feel/think.

There will be times when I am much less aware of this privilege to ask for what I need/want, and then just leave it up to the universe to give it to me. But I feel like I’ve finally come into the realization of its existence.

What I meant to say from this is – hold onto your beliefs, that power that you are told to believe in. If you have a difficult time finding that externally, internalize it, become the power that you need. There is so much that you have to offer in this world and your light is a significant part of it.

I hope you have a week full of willful realizations and safety!

Love and light,



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