To the Friend Who Writes

Dear Miti,

Happy birthday!!! Normally, we are friends of handwritten notes and long winded letters, but this time around will have to be the hype Internet version of what we do.

I was trying to figure out what to write today. Whenever I have trouble brainstorming or articulating my thoughts, I come to you. We are always on the same wave length, but sometimes on opposite sides of the wave. When I am struggling, you work out the kinks. When you are struggling, I talk you through it. I really admire our friendship for that. So that is why, since I didn’t know what to write, I wrote this open letter to you.

This blog has been a crazy awesome adventure. We really are writers now–who knew that all we had to do was keep writing to earn that sought after title, ‘writer’. It is an amazing thing, especially considering how much this project alone has been a source of growth and a platform for tranquility amid busy lives. It has even become the very same thing to our readers and friends. We are making waves.

I hope that you get to spend this birthday with good people, and at the very least, good stories. Though it would never top your last birthday, when I came to visit 😉 THAT weekend was seriously fun and story-filled.

Keep being awesome, buddy.



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