Sunday blue’s

It has come to attention, recently. Thats its just me who goes through a soul crushing low on Sunday nights. There is just something about the weekend ending that makes me absolutely sad. And as someone who doesn’t deal well with – something coming to an end – its a difficult emotion to deal with.

I think one great tip that someone shared with me was – make plans, so that there is something for you to look forward to on Monday. I think that’s an excellent advice. Another great thing you can do is, start slower on Mondays. The first day of the week often hits you like a ton of bricks because there is so much to catch up to. But if there is a task that makes you take things slow, like sorting your mail or indulging in a workout routine that morning. It can really help you NOT dread sunday’s.

I hope this helps and let me know (in the comments below) if there is something you do to fight these blues! Or is it something that is entirely a foreign concept for you.




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