517 Days

1 year, 4 months, and 29 days later… WE HIT 100 FOLLOWERS ON OUR BLOG!!! Please celebrate with smiles, good company, and a meal that hits the spot.

Today, I want to talk about motivation.

This blog began as a summer project for Miti and I, and we were motivated by our passion for writing and the ambition to make it better. We used this blog to keep in touch, as we would be apart all summer, and then again in the fall. So, 517 days later, we are still here. We are still publishing new content, raw content, deeply thought out content. Our motivation now? Besides pursuing a passion, it is connecting with an online audience. Besides constantly improving how we communicate through written word, it is dedication to a project of friendship and creativity. I love it all.

Motivation is fluid, and I think that people forget that. Miti and I were once motivated solely by the feeling of words flying out of our fingertips. Now, we are additionally motivated by readers everywhere. Motivations change, and I think that those changes correlate exactly with how we grow as people, whether professionally, personally, or physically. We change, we take on different forms and personalities and projects. That is our nature: constant change.

When you are feeling slow and your mind feels like a pile of soggy pancakes, just know that motivation is self-taught. It isn’t something that comes out of nowhere. Just as Miti and I started this blog with the motivation in our hearts, so can you, 100 readers, create your purpose, your cause, your reason. Just remember, there is no end-all, be-all, because motivation is in a fluid state indefinitely.

Thank you for reading!




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