Social media challenege

For the last couple of days, I’ve been off social media. Mainly, Instagram and snapchat. I was inspired by an article I read 4 months ago and it has been in my mind ever since. 

But what made me ultimately do it is a relatively shitty week and an Monday morning email from Hannah Brencher. The idea just appealed to me enough at this point to just go ahead and do it. 

As of now, I’m three days into the project and it has been a relief. It has been a relief waking up every morning and not seeing what I missed out the night before. It has been a relief that I don’t spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram. I would be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t been productive.

The temptations exist, ofcourse. By the using the internet you’re not entirely cut off from that world. But by deleting it from my phone I have made it less accessibile. So every time I go to open it I have a moment to myself where I think if this is what I really want. The answer is always no. 

I’m not going to keep this up forever. I love instagram and snapchat. But I’ve decided to do it until my birthday. It will give me enough time off to get used to not using it all the time. 

I think such social media boot camps should be a part of everyone’s lives! 

Would love to know your thoughts on this topic! Please comment below. 

Love and light,



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