The Magic of 1 minute rule

Hey guys,

I have been doing a research (mostly listening to Happiness, a podcast by Gretchen Rubin) into habits because I love habits. I’ve attuned my brain to notice how people function and what they do. At first, I used to get angry at how certain people behaved and did things. But now I sit back and just observe. Apart from this, I’ve also started developing habits that make me more efficient and a better person.

The best tip to do that is the 1-minute rule. We all know that uncluttering the house is uncluttering the mind. There is something seriously relaxing about coming home to a clean house.

This tip will help you achieve just that: think of all the tasks you can do in under 1 minute. It could include making your bed, taking the trash out, cleaning that mug in your sink, basically all the little things that get overlooked. This trick works and has made me a much more proactive person.

Let me know how it goes for you!




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