Challenge Yourself

Lately, I feel that, as a whole person I have been playing life far too safe. Some of this is due to focusing all of my efforts on school or getting a real job or not having the means to go out and do something for myself. Some of it is due to a growing anxiousness to ‘do the right thing.’

Here is a picture of some words that mean a lot to me, especially in these moments:


Basically, loosen up. I think it is fantastic that these words come from Buddhist leaders, and it is a round about way of saying loosen the fuck up. Why spend your days slaving over being what other people think is a perfect or good person? Why worry about doing the wrong thing? Most of the time, no one is trying to be mean. Most of the time, bad things are the consequence of inexperience.

For me, pushing myself out of my comfort zone has helped me release myself from the grasp of my own anxieties. Literally taking a leap that may or may not go well–but just doing it–is a huge reprieve from what feels like a constant repression of actually living my life.

These days, I have the means to do the things once set in my wildest dreams. I can travel. I can get inked and pierced and go parasailing. All I need to do I have the courage to let go of my worries and expectations, and go for what it is that I truly want. In my case, these are the things that I truly need.



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