Finding the Balance

We here on Miti and Marta love talking about kindness, mindfulness, balance, and many other inward looking topics. That is the beauty of writing: it allows us to explore the ideas in our heads and translate them into a common language. It’s like having a bunch of tangled up yard stuck in your skull, and that moment of clarity comes the moment you undo that final knot. It feels sooooo good.

These days, I’ve been working at really honing down and slimming the world that is my life. I’ve been a lot happier than I have been in months, so whatever I’m doing must be working! I think it has mostly been finding an environment that allows me to feel at peace, rest, and be productive. And I’ve laid off a lot on working–that has helped tremendously. My weakness? Getting so anxious that I’m not trying or working hard enough.

I’ve found an income, I’ve found a living situation that gives me more independence, and school doesn’t feel like too much of a chore anymore. Oh, and having friends is really helpful. I feel way more balanced than I have in what feels like forever, and I’m giving myself more credit than I used to. I feel more confident that I am doing life right, and every day, I am less and less scared of the world I live in and the life I lead.

Sending out good vibes,



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