Feeling good


Sorry for the extremely inconsistent blogging. Marta has been a super friend and reminding me to blog for the last two days.

I think I want to talk about feeling good about myself. I have been feeling that lately, it is pretty clear from the choices I make that my life has taken a turn to caring for myself. Its the little things that I see adding up. And I think what I wanted to say today was that you have to do a little bit of both – doing whats need and doing whats wanted. There has to be an underlying regime or discipline in your day that is consistent.

That small routine grounds you and makes you accountable for yourself. You learn to commit and cultivate priorities. I have so many friends that promise to come to the gym with me but don’t end up following through. However, you also have to give yourself some space. Change is hard and sometimes your mind can be resistant. What those friends are doing right is creating an intention to go to the gym. I am sure that eventually that would transform into a habit.

Its true when people say that hard work pays off. I see it working in my favor and I hope that you do it too.




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