The Waiting Game

As the summer begins to come to a close, I have found myself restless and itching to get started with school already. While the summer has been refreshing, August is the worst month ever when you don’t have any plans. If you aren’t traveling, you might be working at a part time job to save up for the year. If you aren’t working or traveling, you are trying to make the time go by faster–at least if you are like me and can’t stand to do nothing for too long. That is where I have been at this week.

Tomorrow I leave for a road trip, but the week or two leading up to now have been a weird sort of limbo where I have some responsibility (work, job), but have enough free time that being so far away from all of my friends has converted me to a Netflix binge watcher, avid planner for things in the far future, and way to deep thinker. I am realizing the importance of friends in a way that only a socially deprived 20 year old in a long distance relationship could understand. This is why my road trip, and the start of school are so exciting for me.

I once read a graphic novel, and my favorite quote in it was: ‘I think I might only be happy when I’m productive.’ While I am not entirely on that extreme, productiveness and being engaged with life right now make me, and everyone else, a much happier person. Lately, I have been scrambling to stay engaged, but before I know it, I will be consumed by long papers and pop quizzes.

To one more year of undergrad, and to productivity that excites,



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