A Gut Feeling

Your gut is (usually) always right. It knows when you’re hungry, what you are craving, and pain when you have overdone it at the gym. I think what your gut literally does, and what we use it describe in metaphors, are the same. It knows hunger, craving, and pain, but much more than in just the literal sense. It knows these things metaphorically, too.

Lately, I have been hungry for more of… something. Perhaps something sweet, or spicy, or salty. I am hungry for more, but until today, could not define the craving. When I tried to ignore the craving and when I knew I was pushing myself too hard in the wrong way, I felt pain in my gut. I was falling off the path. So tonight, I ironed out some details. I prodded my gut, inviting it to speak, to share what it was so desperately trying to communicate.

Life throws a lot of curve balls all the time. Today, one came at me, but this time it came with an answer formulated into words on behalf of my confused gut. I didn’t ignore the hunger; instead, I let it rumble and speak. I let it flow and find what it was craving. I stopped forcing myself to do something that was only causing me more pain and stress. I chose and planned a new path, and my gut has never felt happier nor calm.

My gut feeling is a good feeling about where I am going.



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