Summer School

I am done. Done with 6 weeks of summer school. The days went by so quickly that I had no time to really think. But I was surprisingly aware of how my days are going. In a way, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Everyday at 3 I would get into this city zone – which really doesn’t mean anything except you have to hustle.

Columbia is a beautiful, wonderful and weird world. With its huge library and airy rooms. Everything about the place was familiar yet so different. The familiarity lied in the way I study in SLC being the same in Columbia but the difference came from the iota of diverse people and opinions that challenged me everyday. I was very sad to leave.

The commute was exhausting and something that I do not advice but getting out of my comfort zone and fear of subways was a big plus. Now I feel like an NYC insider. I know how to commute and what trains to take. Its amazing. I am off for a weeklong and well deserved holiday/break/vacation tomorrow early AM.

What an adventure this summer has been!

Love and light,



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