A Year From Now

Lately, I have become more conscious that I question everything way, way, wayyyy, too much. A lot of my choices concern my future a year from now, what with going into senior year and all. Without much time to dial back the heavy thoughts enough to think straight, it has all accumulated.

That is, until I read the writing on the wall.

I mean this literally, of course. I was at the gym, about to leave, when I noticed the thought of the day they had put up was this:

Will this matter a year from now?

More often than not, the answer to this question is no. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter if you take a creative writing elective instead of a business class. Sometimes, planning a trip doesn’t mean it has to be relevant to your career later on. Sometimes, you can actually say ‘fuck it’, and you know what? Life goes on just fine.

Learning to inhale and exhale more,



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