Build that dresser!

Priorities. That shit is important. As an adult, I have come to realize that I always have something to do. Especially since I’m living alone. I discussed with a friend a few hours ago how I have no chill. I always have this feeling to do something or achieve something. I have spent way too many weekends going into the city and goofing off rather than sleep well or read a book. And invariably, the guilt of not been able to have done that particular thing always hits me on a Sunday night. Forget monday mornings, sunday nights are worse in its roller coaster of “what ifs” and “I wish”.

So, my friend, prioritize what you need instead of want. I mean its totally okay to let loose sometimes but that shouldn’t come over taking care of yourself. The weekdays go by so fast that we hardly have time to think. So, its important to take it slow in the weekend. Make a list of things that you need and want to do. Try and balance them in your weekends. There is ALWAYS enough time to do everything you want. Go read that book, go to that concert you’ve always wanted to go to, or maybe build a dresser that’s been lying around in your room for two weeks.

Love and light,

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