New Views

Today, I scaled a mental mountain, gaining a significant climbing victory. It was long and arduous, and I did not think that there even existed a summit. But I kept on powering through, kept on going step by step forward. Today, I finally admitted and acknowledged all of the growth I have made personally in the past couple of months, and it all began with a song:

The problems won’t go away / They keep piling on your plate / You just want to escape You need to re-awake

Awake now listen to the words I’m / Saying in this line that your life will be just fine and / Troubles do not stay they / Get replaced with good times / Now you got a great life / Smile as you walk by / Thinking about the Day

This song is called When It Rains It Pours, by Twiddle. I spent the morning listening to all of their music, and it all carried this universal message. Stop worrying about how life is playing out, better times are always on the way, and keep things simply. Don’t make any situation into more than it actually is, and just live your life.

I’ve been living my life, if not in the way I expected. But I am still moving along, discovering new things, learning about myself and the world, and growing. I get caught up in the daily grind, and I get a pessimistic world view. But today? That has subsided.

Make way for the sunshine,



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