Empathy vs Pity

I often confuse empathy, pity and sympathy. In my mind, Sympathy is an extension of pity, a rather more compassionate and informed version. I saw a TEDtalk last night (http://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story?language=en) and I cannot say that it hasn’t been making me think ever since I saw it.

It made me wonder how many times I have looked at a person and felt bad? How many times I just assumed the worst circumstance because of what they were wearing or where they came from? Aren’t they entitled to have some dignity?

I have been conscious of this wrong doing. I have been actively trying to change my thoughts if pity is triggered. I have to remind myself that they’re a person with a complex self concept. Its not easy but its the most human thing one could do.

I hope this helps you question your worldview.

Love and light,



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