Simplify is a big word, constantly making circuits around my brain. I have always been on the hunt for curating and creating for myself a simpler life. I often take on too much, or even overcomplicate things that really are quite simple. Life is simple; it is a series of decisions and actions and journeys that is know to us as living your life.

It is difficult to see life this way, especially when your parents are ill or your child is facing challenges in school or your spouse is away for a long period of time. These are just challenges, not complications. How you respond to them is very simple: you either deal with it head on, or not. Some challenges might be more difficult, with less options available, and more hardship involved, but all it is is a situation that has presented itself to you.

It is nice to view life as being simplicity. It is good to know that it is our choice whether we see it that way or not.



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