Late Night Beach Cigars

The air is cool and refreshing. The moon and the stars give a light glow to the sandy beach, and lights from the harbor gleam in the distance. The parking lot is abandoned, empty of the beach goers for the day. It is Sunday; the atmosphere is peaceful.

My brother lights the cigars, one by one. We pass them off to each other, a quiet relay race to burn through the tubes of tobacco. We are absolutely silent, and we like it that way; with so much noise in our daily lives, having a bit of peace was much desired. We absorbed it all, the same way we absorbed the smoky, earthy tones in our mouths. Smoke puffing away, symbolic of the departure of our worries.

These are the evenings that make a difference. These are the nights where there is an extra bit of headroom, where the crazy thoughts take a rest. This is the kind of night that I have found only in dreams before now. These are the nights I wish could last forever.



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