In Transition

Today was a big, long, exhausting day – my family moved everything we own from one house to another! This is my ninth time moving with my family, so for me, it isn’t scary or too stressful. But it is hella tiring. I am sitting here, having been awake since 6AM… 17 hours ago. We have been going at it since 7AM and successfully brought everything into the new home, built our beds and unpacked the kitchen (obvi most important things).

What is different about this move from the others that I remember is that there isn’t a grand transition. Our last move, Texas to Rhode Island, involved my family of six embarking on a two car road trip up the east coast. It was a week before we arrived at our destination. Before that move, Italy to Texas, we flew over an entire ocean. This time? We drove 30 min down the highway. It felt so odd.

I guess where this is going is that transitions are all very different? Or maybe the only reason they feel like the stretch forever before is because you aren’t used to that sort of distance from a metaphorical point A to point B? Whatever the case may be, I am in a new home now, and it is nice to be someplace new.



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