Adventure Time: July Edition

Last night, after taking my fifth quiz for my summer class, I finally felt myself melt into a little euphoria. Nothing could go wrong, and the world was singing like a choir of angels. Why? Finally, after months of staying put, I am off on my next adventure.

Right now, I am sitting in the Boston airport. It feels unreal; the very things that make me happiest are happening today. Not only do I get to fly to someplace new (my version of fun) but I also get to be reunited with my significant other. Cue all the warm and fuzzies and awes from the metaphorical live audience on the show of my life. I’ve never felt happier as I do now.

The thing that makes me love travel and my man? The sense of peace I get. And this peace comes to me because when you board a plane, or give your heart to someone to share, there is a certain anxiousness that comes with it. But for some reason, while anxiety remains a daily part of my life, travel and my significant other put it down. And then I have peace. There is a certain faith you need to have in the universe not only to get to your destination safely, but to hope your heart remains in one piece.

Time to take flight,



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