My favorite thing about human beings are how they inspire you. Whether it is their stories, philosophies, or way of life, I am inspired by how others view their world. This morning, I was inspired by the other M to travel with less.

My ideal adventure is hopping on a plane to someplace I have never been, making friends with whoever I find there, and living among the locals. I don’t want fancy hotels. I don’t need to pay for every touristy monument. I just want to be inspired by the new surroundings. I want to collect the stories, philosophies, and ways of life others bring.

It appeared difficult to do this, especially when most of my connections live in places I have already been. Paying for hotel, hostiles, and AirBnBs gets expensive, and don’t get me started on food. However, after watching the TedTalk Miti sent me this morning, I began to go back into the depths of the Internet to figure out how to do some inexpensive travel. And I found this!

Basically, You work on a farm in exchange for accommodations and food. All I would need to do is buy a plane ticket. #SoonToBeWWOOFer. The best part? It is all over the world.

Hope you’re inspired to explore the world more,



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