Comfort Zones

It has always been a conscious though in my head to keep stepping outside of my comfort zone, every day if I could. This could mean speaking up when it feels like you might say the wrong thing, or even going somewhere you’ve never been. For me, lately, it has been being open to new friendships.

This is funny, mostly because I grew up without real childhood friends–I moved too often for that. I grew accustomed to a series of temporary friendships. But now that I have lived in one place for so long, making new friends has gotten harder. Stepping out of my comfort zone has become more risky.

Today, though, I did it. I stepped out of the zone, and made some new friends. I even made plans with someone I already know for the weekend. These are all the things that for some reason fell out of my comfort zone, but by doing them, my comfort zone is expanding. There is beauty to be found beyond it.

Keep growing,



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