Have a Cause

What moves you? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What have you worked at tirelessly, but never felt tired doing? These are questions I have asked myself as I begin to find my cause. I would like to live a simple life, but that simple life will need something to believe in every day.

Every morning, I wake up and get ready for eight hours at a desk. This was never in my plan, as I refuse to believe that the only way to get stuff done is by hiding behind a desk. Every evening, I go to class or study, sitting on my butt for a few hours more. None of it is ideal, but I’m told if I stick it out, then I will be able to get where I actually want to be.

It almost feels like people-pleasing. Again, not my forte.

I like doing my own thing. I like writing articles upon articles about social justice and movements. I like creating campaigns that motivate others to create change. I know that what I am doing now will add value to everything else later; it just feels like a very long waiting game.

So, in an effort to challenge myself at my internship (because I know that if I keep doing what I am doing now every day for three months, I will not grow as much as I have in previous internships), I have started my own projects. I am creating a handbook for my position, I am blogging about social enterprise and nonprofits, I am developing a case study with my professor. I even asked around the office if there were additional projects for me to work on.

That is my strength in all this, I suppose. I know what I want, and I know it so clearly. Getting there is not a straight path. My favorite YouTuber refers to this as the Tarzan Method: going back and forth and zig-zagging toward your goals. I have always been able to turn my current situation into the situation I want to be in, and have always been able to challenge myself no matter the environment.

To motivation,



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