Orlando, Florida

Most of you would be familiar with the mass shooting that happened in Orlando this weekend. As awful as the shootings were, I am scared about impending hate that both the communities (LGBTQIA and Islamic) will have to/already face. There is enough of that present in the world and this shooting has just ignited more fire into the hate.

It is heartening to see so many people stand up for the LGBTQIA community, and I stand with them but its also important to think about the Islamaphobia thats going around. It IS an act of terror, done by someone who happens to be from the Islamic community BUT was a citizen of USA. He was a terrorist, yes. But not an Islamic terrorist.

Its important to separate the act of hate by certain individuals from their communities. Its already difficult enough to live in a world that is prejudiced but for them to endure the burden of such gruesome crimes is heartbreaking. I’m forever in grief about how such acts of terrors could be performed but its important to accept that this is the reality and we cannot do much to change whats already happened. Terrible people exist and terrible things happen.

So, remember to use your words carefully, to be mindful about what kinds of message you’re putting out there. Be mindful and learn how the media manipulates you perceive a situation. Not everything is as it seems.

My condolences and love to all the families that have been affected. Lets stand together and be mindful of what we believe in and what we say. Be kind to everyone, you never know whats going to happen at the very next moment.

Love and light,



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