Past Demons

Miti and I have been reading a book called Way of the Peaceful Warrior. It is a really great story about a college student who embarks on a spiritual journey (right up Miti and my alley). For me, it is a reminder of the beginnings of my own spiritual journey a few years ago. The first chapter brought out a lot of the feelings I had before, and not all of them were positive. I got into a bit of a weird space.

I read a new quote every day. Today, it was:

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

This can be hard to do. I am used to moving around a lot, so most of my life I was able to physically leave any of my problems behind. The last eight years, however, I have been living in one place. I have finally built long-lasting friendships, and built a little bit of a professional network. I did a lot of growing up here. I have had a lot of good and bad times here. There are people I wish I never had to see again, but we are either neighbors or coworkers or in the same class at school.

In the book, the main character is using all of his successes in the past to validate what he does in the present, even though he is not happy in his present. At first, this threw me into a spin, over-contemplating the past. But then I began to realize what this part of the character’s journey meant: our happiness exists only in the present moment. There may have been good times and bad times in all of our years before right now, but those do not have to influence our happiness in the present moment.

I hope that makes some sense. I think we need more humor in our every day lives.



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