Play Your Cards

I have been struggling a lot with embracing where I am today. It is something I have dealt with for a few years now as I begin to understand the ‘real world’ and ‘adult life’. Honestly, I lived in a bubble for many years; when I was younger, I didn’t really have to make big choices or anything. Life felt much more fluid, and just going with what every day brought was the way to go. Except, somehow, I stopped believing that.

I could tell you why it is hard for me to be happy. I could explain some sort of mental health condition that gets between me and happiness. This is not to discount the struggles of mental illness, but a lot of our anxieties and depression can be traced back to having the misconception that our happiness lies anywhere except for our present. That, my friends, is the biggest lie society could have ever taught you. The Tooth Fairy would shake her head out of disappointment.

So, that is me. I am training my mind to be present. I am affirming positive truths and understandings of the world. I am ingraining, as much as I possibly can, that no matter what cards I am dealt, I can handle any given situation. I owe it to myself to make the best of where I am right now. It takes just as much effort to be miserable; it is by actively choosing to live presently and positively that we improve our lives. If we wait for our situation to change, we will only continue to believe happiness can only be found where we are not.



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