Feel the fear and do it anyway

I think the most important thing that I have to keep reminding myself is that I can never gage where the next lesson will come from. But its important to remember that those lessons always come from the unknown.

Often we’re stuck in situations that we delve on for a long time. Eventually, those situations become sticky and difficult to get out of (one would say that a human even thrives on the drama of it all). But when faced with a fear its important to think objectively. The most important part of overcoming a certain fear is to actually DO IT, rather than thinking about it.

Its also important to know that as long as we’re growing (in every aspect of life) we are going to be fearful. Fear is not something you can eliminate, you’re not got. There will be challenges and there will be fear. But when you’re aware at least you’ll have a choice to make a decision rather than doing it out of helplessness.

And lastly, acceptance. Always ACCEPT that you made a wrong decision and move on. You’re not God, you’re not always going to make the ‘right’ decision. I say put the quote symbol only because any path you choose consciously is never the wrong path. You always make a choice based on your current situations and as you progress the decision you made in the past won’t work anymore. Just forgive yourself and move on. Seriously.

There are wonderful interviews and books (like, feel the fear and do it anyway) by the author Susan Jeffers that give a more concise and easy explanation of this phenomenon.

Life is simple, guys. Now its your choice to either make a decision or just enjoy the drama.

Love and light,



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