Independent Decisions

I am the type of person who puts in lots of time just thinking over and mulling over decisions. I gather information, opinions, advice. I’ll let it sit for a few months or years. And then… I make a decision. When I do finally make a final decision, I always make space for a back up, if possible. But once I have that moment of clarity, of knowing truly and really want, I go for it.

I used to get really hung up on making decisions, even simple ones like going to the movies with my friends or choosing food off a menu. I would always hesitate and have a moment of doubt, and then I would let the little trickle of doubt consume me. Then I would decide to do nothing at all. But now, I have added some YOLO to the mix, which I desperately needed. Before I knew it, I was living abroad on my own, getting a tattoo, and saying yes to a new relationship.

Like isn’t made to be lived with fear. It is also not meant to be lived with regrets. Both of these things, I think, are directly linked to worrying about what others think of your decisions. Sometimes, in order to make a good decisions, an independent one, you just need to distance yourself from all that craziness. Look at the facts. Listen to your heart. Take into account the experiences of others, but don’t let their experiences get you lost in your decision. Pave your own path; it may resemble the paths of many others, but at least you were the one to lay down your own pavement.



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