You whats amazing? How our relationship with everyone in your life keeps changing! I know ‘change is constant’ is a redundant statement now, but its so true. And the reality is that these things don’t really sink until you get some distance from those people.

After being away from my family for a year I really have a whole new perspective towards all these people in my life. Some mean less and the others have become a priority. I’m a big fan of Hannah Brencher and she said – go deeper and not wider. I take it as a way to really get to know the people I value and avoid wasting my time meeting people who I’m not interested in meeting. Mind you, I’m not being arrogant but I believe that meeting people just as a sake of formality is so shallow. I rather go out and have fun with someone I enjoy spending time with.

Take some time out and think about who is a priority in your life. I’m sick of people saying that they’re doing things and meeting people just because they ‘have to’. Make a decision.

Love and light,



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