Write someone a love letter

Sometimes I feel like I talk too much. This thought stems from the times when I was told to shutup and keep quiet rather than voicing my opinions. But as I grew older people expected a certain advice or opinion from me. For the longest time I was in crossroads about whether or not to speak up. Whatever I said never felt right, I always second guessed myself. 

Things are much better on that end but there are days when I feel like I was too harsh, too honest, too real. I compile that guilt in my brain which turns into an anger and hatred towards that person. The anger is so real in the moment that it consumes me.

Writing a letter addressing that guilt and to remind myself what a wonderful person that friend is, really helps me. It helps me sidetrack my brain from all the guilt it has been carrying. In these love letters I apologize for what I did (without justifying it because there is no point justifying a mistake).

So I urge you all to write a letter to that person in your life. Who you love to hate or who just make bad decisions in their life. Show them how much you care and that they’re appreciated because I’m sure you’re not an angel and more often than not you might be a pain in the butt too. 


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