Busting All the Myths

I am a big fan of the show, Mythbusters. It is the kind of TV show that takes all the things you wish you could do, and then does it. Especially explosions. As I type, they are literally making a glitter bomb (honestly, what more do you need in life?).

I like that they set out to bust myths. They take all the things we might take as fact and prove whether it is right or wrong. Most of all, they make things fun. This is something I am learning to do more and more – having fun! Do more things that make me happy. Miti talks a lot about self love, and I need some more of it. I think what gets in my way is me. I need to loosen up a bit, and relax. I need to be okay with loving myself.

I spent my whole weekend with friends… and it was really fun. I gave myself the time of day, rather than bog myself down with all the things I take as fact. I busted some of my own self love myths.



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