Creating a community

I was always the person that people came to for help. I would always be right there when someone needed me, it was some weird self gratification process in my head. The fact that a person came to me for help and told me their deepest secrets was a validation for my existence and my place in their life. But as I started working on myself, these people started to piss me off, the feeling got redundant. I got really angry about the fact that they never talked me about my life – how my day was, what I thought about something, how am I?

Thats when I started rethinking my idea of friendships and healthy relationships. It is then that I really started to think about an idea of a community. A community that consists of people that add value in each others life, that grow together and fall down together. A community that is everyones safe space. So, in order to get that in motion I’m starting a email club: every week you’ll get a love letter – in the form of an email, right in your inbox (that is, if you subscribe). I’m still deciding if I would like to send a midweek email or an email every sunday night. For a while, I might do both or either. You can reply if you want or just read it.

Super excited for this project! Cannot wait to hear from you

Love and light,



3 thoughts on “Creating a community

  1. There are people who don’t realize that the way they communicate is all about them and never reciprocate. I have become sensitive to it and mindful. I feel guilty when i realize my PTT (personal talk time) was too high.

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