Photographing Sunsets

It’s a common saying that you photograph things that you know you’re scared to loose the most. That’s how I feel about sunsets, I have so many pictures of it that I had to make a separate album altogether. I love sunsets and I can only remember wanting to click that for the longest time. But as I’ve been going through my photo library I realise that along with the sunsets I now have so many pictures of people I love. It’s strange that I have so many silly selfies and Potraits of my friends that I took randomly. I didn’t realize how much I treasure these people who’ve added so much to my life. 

Marta often talks about how things get better over time. As of summer 2016 that’s exactly how I feel. Last summer, was kind of drag. I had too many expectations out of it but this summer I have decided to let go. Just do my best to keep exercising and spend time with my family. 

We all age like fine wines and so do relationships and love and awareness. 

If you guys are a little lost about summer I urge you to work on yourselves. Maybe that would lead to some very precious photographs. 

Love and light,



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